Special Services

On-board couriers

For top-urgent worldwide deliveries of spare parts or other crucial items that require maximum reliability, an on-board courier may be the ultimate solution. Our people will step aboard an airplane on the ‘First-Flight-Out’ and make the delivery to the specified person at any location, from exhibits and trade-shows to factories in danger of facing shut down due to absence of parts.

On-board couriers

While most shipments are handled through the normal channels, some do not fit that mold because of size or the delivery location. For these shipments, Euro Deliveries Logistics Company Limited (EDL.Ltd) has the knowledge in-house to arrange full charters and deal with almost any type of cargo in any type of environment. Recent examples include full charters with machinery to Kazakhstan and the transport of strategic military goods to Canada.

Packing & Insurance

In cooperation with highly specialized partners in the Netherlands and even abroad, Euro Deliveries Logistics Company Limited (EDL.Ltd) offers packing and crating solutions. Not only can we supply the packing material, standard or customized, but we can take care of the complete packing, at your premises or elsewhere. Need transportation insurance? No problem. Via our trade organization we can quickly quote you and then arrange transportation insurance.

Toolbox Management

In various industries the installation and servicing of products or systems requires highly specialized tools and dies, which typically represent high value. As a result of this value, the number of tools in use is usually limited, with the available ones being shipped around the world from project to project. Together with its international partners, Euro Deliveries Logistics Company Limited (EDL.Ltd) has built up valuable experience in providing transportation solutions for these ‘world travelers’.